Ranging from $0.75-1.50/min

We often build sites from scratch in as few as 4–5 hours. Here’s real data from our customers on how long it takes to get things done.

A site from scratch


A site you started


A site that's live


DesignLive is different from working with a freelancer or traditional agency. We build websites with you over a video-conference because it cuts down miscommunication. That means faster build times, lower costs, and an experience as hands-on as you want.

Use Cases

There are three main ways that we’ve seen people use DesignLive:

  • As a rapid solution to build a website
  • As an education tool to learn how to maintain an existing site
  • As a troubleshooter for on demand assistance

Rapid Solution Provider

We've said it over and over: we're fast. If it's a Saturday night and you need a website live by Monday morning, we can make that happen.

If this is you, we typically take a hybrid approach—meaning your designer will work offline for about half of the time. In this case, we’re making the assumption that you don't want to sit on the screen-share for any nonessential parts. Your business is at a level where your time is spread very thin. Our designers work with you to accommodate as best as possible.

Education Tool

Our mission is to empower you to be able to build your website on your own—meaning without us at all. We’ll show you how to accomplish your goals, while walking you through what we’re doing the entire time.

If this is you, we assume that you'll be best served to work with your designers during all of the hours that he or she spends on your project. More hands-on time spent with your designer means you will learn more and have a completed project that’s better aligned with your original vision.


This is our ultimate vision for DesignLive: a service allowing you to summon an expert on-demand when you get stuck. You only use us when you need us. The rest of your project you're able to accomplish yourself—since that’s the point of DIY software like Squarespace anyway, right?

If this is you, we assume that you want to build out as much of the site yourself as possible. Either you want to save money, you find enjoyment in building your site, or you’re technically savvy enough to get it up and running but need a little help. Either way, we will match you with a designer who does instant sessions, meaning that you can get on a screen-share with them in typically under 30 minutes.